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The US Airways Fleet Service Agent - Overtime

Application At-Work Benefits Safety

A Fleet Service Agent (FSA) can perform any of a variety of task pertaining to the preparation of aircraft for flight. A FSA works in an open environment called the “ramp”. The FSA physically loads/unloads aircraft with baggage and cargo, caters aircraft, handles and transfers baggage, and marshals aircraft.

Physically Challenging

The conditions and work of a FSA can be challenging. Working in an open environment the FSA is exposed to all whether conditions. Several functions dealing with aircraft preparation involve the physical challenges of handling cargo and baggage of varies weights and proportions.

Exciting atmosphere

Jets and planes rolling in, trucks of all sorts moving into position, aircraft loading/unloading equipment pulling up, carts being positioned, and employees from various departments along with contractors all working on of a single aircraft at one time makes the atmosphere of an FSA very exciting. The task and goals of these individuals may differ, however they are all working toward a single ultimate goal - to make the customers experience the best it could possible have been.

With so much activity, coordination and cooperation are essential. FSA’s and contractors must work together to achieve their individual goals. With those goals obtained the ultimate goal is almost certain to be achieved.

Ideal part-time job for students

All FSA’s obtain their shifts through a process called a “shift bid”. A shift bid is a seniority based selection system; employees with the more seniority will select a shift before an employee with less seniority. FSA schedules have a variety start-times. Shifts can range from a minimum of four to a maximum of six hours. All shifts over four hours include a half-hours unpaid lunch. With a variety of start-times and lengths the FSA position has the flexibility that is ideal for a college student looking for a little extra money for school

Convenient Transportation

The FSA enjoys the convenience of free parking, free employee shuttle, main road accessibility, and public transportation.

All Philadelphia international airport airport employees are given free access to the employee parking lot. The employee lot is located minutes from both I95 and I76 and is positioned at the intersection of two major roads. Once in the parking lot employees catch the employee shuttle, which will take them to the airport. Within the lot employees are picked-up a one of several conveniently located stops. The employee shuttle stops at all airport terminals where employees are dropped-off and are picked-up to be taken to the parking lot. The shuttle then returns to the employee lot where the cycle continues.

Employees also have access to public transposition services by Septa routes R1, 37 and 108.